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Shopify Apps for Your Online Business

With thousands of Shopify apps on the market, finding the best one can be challenging. Shopify apps offer new ways to show off your products, interact with your customers, and increase conversions. Learn the top four apps we recommend and how they help your website.

Grow Your Ecommerce Website Online Efficiently and Effectively With Shopify Apps

Our team of experts will help you build a website that is optimized for conversions
Save Money

With one Shopify app, you can reduce the number of apps you need to save money and decrease your site speed.


Boosting engagement is a must for any website. Shopify makes it easy for customers to leave reviews and track them.

Enhanced Reviews

Incentivize your customers to leave reviews by giving them various options to leave a review. This helps customers give valuable feedback in a constructive way. 

Increase Conversions

Losing a sale is hard, but Shopify makes it easier to recover lost sales by sending push notifications to customers when they have left their cart before making a purchase.

Easy Integration

Every app we mention on this page is easy to integrate and use on Shopify. With Shopify apps, you can have all your apps in one convenient place and have the ability to integrate with social media and email marketing platforms.

Boost Traffic

Boosting your online traffic is now easier than ever. With the ability to pinpoint problems and create sites audits you will know what to fix to increase your site traffic.

Using Shopify Apps With Your Website

Shopify is an eCommerce platform that specializes in building eCommerce websites. With Shopify, you can turn any business idea into a reality online. It currently has over 1.75 million companies that use and trust Shopify. With so many people using Shopify, it can be challenging to stand out but using Shopify apps can help you gain an advantage and diversify your website.

Whether you are working on a marketing campaign, managing products, processing orders, or improving customer experience, there is an app for all those areas. Shopify apps expand your online store’s functionality and usability. These apps can help increase your conversions, reviews, and customizability.

Shopify Apps We  Recommend

With over 7,000 Shopify apps available, knowing which ones are the best and will offer a solution to your problem is critical. From our experience Upsell, Loox, Instafeed, and SEO image optimizer are highly recommended and let you achieve the following:

  • Upsell: This app’s main advantage is that it’s 18 apps in one. This Shopify app can save you time and money because it lets you do what 18 apps can do within one program.
  • Loox: Create a unique way for customers to review your products or website and track those reviews to let you know what needs improvement.
  • Instafeed: Pull posts and live stories from your Instagram account straight into your website with Instafeed.
  • SEO image optimizer: This app helps you increase your site speed by automatically checking your image alt, JSON-LD, Meta tags, and Sitemap. You can set this app up with one click, and it will run automatically to help you save time.

How to Integrate Shopify Apps

Thankfully Shopify makes it easy to integrate apps on Shopify. With a click of a button, you can connect several apps to your website and start using them. You will need to pay for a subscription to integrate apps on your website. Shopify offers basic, professional, and advanced subscriptions, and each one comes at a different cost. With your Shopify subscription, you can access Shopify apps and integrate as many apps as you desire. This will help you completely customize your website and create an engaging experience for your customers.

Why Shopify Apps Matter

Grow your business. Lower your costs. Help your other marketing campaigns.


Shopify apps let you customize your website to increase site traffic

Optimized for conversions

With the help of Shopify apps your website can generate high conversions

Engaging content

Help your products stand out by using Shopify apps to make engaging content

Important Conversion Rate Optimization Statistics


Of customers use Shopify Apps


Of Shopify traffic comes from mobile devices


Of Shopify stores see repeat purchases

There are necessary steps needed before driving traffic to your website. Having the correct digital tools, an accessible website and user experience, and an understanding for how users interact with your website.

ConnorDirector of Web Support and Strategy

How We Help Small Businesses Improve Their Conversion Rates

Here at Big Red Jelly, we specialize in Shopify website builds optimized for conversions. With us, your website will be optimized to achieve high conversion rates. We also help with retention. With our monthly retainer service, we can review your website for conversion optimization tips, review Shopify’s basic functions, and dive into your analytics to discover key data for your website.

So see how we can help your eCommerce website thrive online. Whether you are wanting more sales, higher engagement, or just a cool way to show off your products online, we can do it all. Jelly Web Services is here to help and answer any questions.

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