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Whether you are currently using one of these website platforms, need help transferring, or improving them, we can help you get it done!

The #1 website platform in the world. Customizable, open-source, and powerful for growing businesses.

The #1 eCommerce platform for WordPress. Customizable and powerful, get started selling online today.

One of the fastest growing eCommerce platforms in the world. Shopify is easy to manage and perfect for growing online stores.

A powerful all-in-one website platform that includes countless easy-to-use tools for small business owners and entrepreneurs.


WordPress is the most popular website platform in the world and for good reason! The platform is flexible, easy-to-use and has access to a library of thousands of WordPress plugins to help improve your business online. Our team specializes in WordPress and can help you get set up and started growing today!


WooCommerce is a customizable, flexible, open-source eCommerce platform built on the WordPress website platform. It’s a great solution for large or growing eCommerce businesses that need ultimate flexible and integration/add-on options.


Shopify is one of the fastest growing website platforms in the world. It is built specially for eCommerce businesses. Millions of the world’s most successful online brands and eCommerce businesses trust Shopify to sell, ship and process payments anywhere.


Wix is a very easy to use website platform that comes with a powerful and intuitive dashboard that is perfect for small business owners to manage and grow their business online. With over 500 beautiful, captivating templates, flexible web hosting and powerful SEO tools, Wix is a great out-of-the-box solution for small and growing businesses.

Why Thousands of Small Businesses Choose
Jelly Web Services

McCain Kennedy
SetFire Creative

Gail Owusu
Opoku Catering 

Michelle Johnston
Coach MJ

Naomi and Lyndsie are very professional, incredibly polite and very eager to get projects done correctly and on time. We couldn't be happier with their work.

Chris RavstenSmall Business Owner

The process was a great experience. Very efficient, responsive, and the site incorporates my expectations!

Dana BallAvanta Law

My wife, Guita and I had the pleasure of working with Chloe Hoye. She was super knowledgeable, very friendly and she did an awesome job designing our website. Chloe accommodated our schedule and gave great support even after our go live.

Jeff MorganEntrepreneur

Jelly Web Services is GREAT! The website they created was perfect! I cannot recommend them enough. Seriously, don't go anywhere else.

Rolando OrtegaSmall Business Owner

Chloe, Ben, and the whole team at Big Red Jelly is absolutely fantastic. We referred a lot of work to them before, but we’ve also used them for our own projects and I recommend them frequently.

Annie DavisMarketing Consultant

Great experience working with Connor on our website! Connor is professional, empathetic, capable and very patient. He had great vision and went above and beyond to implement it.

Kurt WilsonBusiness Consultant

Great team, great people, great production, and GREAT pricing!

Aaron WebberCEO, Madison Wall

Best team and wonderful environment! Can't say enough good things.

Samantha SmithCreative Designer

Highly recommend Jelly Web Services for hosting, web support and online strategy, extremely professional, highly responsive and flexible with pivoting direction.

Jim SaundersSmall Business Owner

This is my first time using Jelly Web Services and they did not disappoint. From start to finish they were awesome. Sara was very responsive, professional, and ultimately help me get setup online correctly.

Dillon EspinosaMarketing Consultant

Frequently Asked Questions

Which website platform is right for me?

Deciding which website platform to embark with can be a daunting task. That’s why we are here to help you determine whether it is WordPress, WooCommerce, Shopify, or Wix, that will suit your business best.

WordPress: WordPress is an open source website developing platform which powers 37% of all websites on the internet today. WordPress is best suited for growing and larger businesses that want greater control over their website appearance and features. By working with Big Red Jelly, we will handle the most daunting elements of site using WordPress such as the hosting, security, and development. Our team of WordPress Experts will help develop your site based on your business needs and feedback. Big Red Jelly Web Support plans will also cover site edits, performance updates, and security maintenance, so you won’t have to worry about the technical aspects of your site after launch.

WooCommerce: Currently powering 29% of all eCommerce websites, WooCommerce is an eCommerce plug in built for WordPress. Therefore, if you have chosen to build your site on WordPress and now need to add a store to your site, WooCommerce is the best solution for adding this functionality. Our experts at Big Red Jelly can get your site equipped with WooCommerce, and design your store to look exactly as you imagined.

Shopify: Similar to WooCommerce, Shopify is also an eCommerce platform. It is known as a SaaS (Software as a Service). Shopify takes the more technical aspects of website developing such as hosting, security, and themes and handles these aspects for you at the price of a monthly fee. Varying plans with Shopify can provide features for businesses of any size. If you are less experienced in web development or prefer simplicity in set up and maintenance, Shopify will be the best choice for your online store. Jelly Web Services can help you design your store and learn to manage your business in Shopify.

Wix: Wix is and easy-to-use website building platform that bundles together hosting, domains, security and other technical aspects of web development so that anyone, regardless of development experience, can create a website. If you lack web development experience, yet want to handle changes and updates to your website post-launch, Wix will be the best solution to ensure ease of use.

How do I get started if I don't have a website?

The first task for any new website is to secure a domain name. We will help you to find a domain name that represents your business at a price that is right for you. Next, you will choose a hosting plan with Jelly Web Services, ensuring that your site will have quick speeds and impenetrable security. After that is the fun part, we will work with you in developing your site to meet your needs and vision. We will implement the online tools that best suit your business. Post-launch, Jelly Web Services can also assist you in website maintenance and edits.

What if I want or need to switch website platforms?

Sometimes business growth calls for new digital features and capabilities. Your original website platform may not be enough to satisfy these changes and you find yourself needing a new website platform. Jelly Web Services will take the stress out of switching website platforms. Your site’s files, data, and aesthetic will remain intact while we switch you over to whichever platform you choose.

What are the recurring or on-going costs for each website platform?

Wordpress and WooCommerce are open source platforms, meaning that there are no costs associated with downloading, installing, and using these platforms. However, purchasing your domain, hosting, and using different themes will cost money. Wix and Shopify are SaaS (Software as a Service) platforms which will incur a monthly fee based on the needs of your business. In addition to a free service, currently Wix’s plans are: Combo – $16/Month, Unlimited – $22/Month, Pro – $27/Month, and VIP $45/Month. Shopify’s plans are: Starter – $5/Month, Basic $29/Month, Shopify $79/Month, Advanced $299/Month, and Shopify Plus ~ $2,000/Month.

Does Jelly Web Services offer web design help to get started?

Yes! Our team is exceptionally skilled when it comes to all of these platforms and web design and would be happy to help you get started. Schedule a free consultation call to learn more about our services and how we can help your small business grow.

What if I purchase hosting or a domain through another website platform?

No problem! While we can work with almost any hosting company, we highly recommend transferring your hosting to our recommended partner, Pressable. When you transfer your hosting to our team, you ensure that your site is more closely monitored, with little downtime should a problem arise. Unlike larger hosting companies, our US-based team is accessible almost 24/7, ready to offer our expert support.

It’s easy to do a domain transfer, and the perks are worth it! Transferring your domain requires at least a year domain registration with the new registrar and about 1-2 weeks to transfer the domain, however your domain is fully safe during that time. Once transferred, you gain access to domain forwarding and masking, locking, status alerts, and more. Learn more about domain transfer here

Can I combine website platforms for my business?

Yes, combining website platforms can be an effective approach for a business. A business looking for more control over their website that has opted for a site built on WordPress will be able to use WooCommerce to integrate an online shop into their WordPress site. If you prefer the interface of Shopify but the customization of WordPress, a Shopify button can be used on your WordPress site to direct users to purchase on Shopify. Many multiple platform approaches exist, however your specific requirements will determine which route to take.

Why did Jelly Web Services choose these four website platforms?

Wordpress, WooCommerce, Shopify, and Wix cover a wide variety of needs, user ability, functions, and price. Any business or professional can find a plan that meets their needs and budget amongst these four platforms. The Jelly Web Services Team are experts in these platforms, and can help to achieve your goals in whichever platform you choose.

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