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Mobile Optimization

Many potential customers are on the go, finding your products and services while on a mobile device. You don’t want to lose those customers due to a clunky and slow mobile website. Give all of your potential customers an equally engaging experience by optimizing your website for mobile platforms.

Google Algorithm

Google’s Mobile-Friendly Algorithm changes—made in 2015—push sites that perform well on mobile above those that are not mobile optimized.

1/2 of Users are on Mobile

51% of users are accessing the internet from a mobile device; don’t leave behind this demographic.

Mobile Speeds

By speeding your mobile loading time by .01 seconds, you can improve your bounce rate by 8% 

Unsure Shoppers seek Mobile

Nine out Ten smartphone users do not know which brand to buy from until they check online. Your mobile site could win over these potential customers, but only if it is welcoming to them.

15 Billion Mobile Devices

In 2021 there were 15 billion mobile devices with a 5G connection. There are plenty of fish in the sea, and mobile optimization is your net.

Strike When the Iron is Hot

A customer’s urge to buy is likely to occur when they are using a mobile device, and that urge could be gone just as quickly. Seize that moment of interest, make sure your site accommodates the growing mobile user population.

What is Mobile Optimization?

Mobile optimization improves a websites appearance, speed, responsiveness, and overall ease of use on mobile. One of the most important aspects of mobile optimization is to simplify. With limited screen space, it is imperative to design a simplified interface where mobile users won’t run into frustrations.

These frustrations might be accidentally navigating to the wrong page, an impossible to close pop-up, or reduced speed on mobile. Whatever it may be, these frustrations need to be addressed and cut out, to give your mobile users a favorable impression of your business.

Responsive Web Design

Designing a separate website for every possible device is an impossible task. To ensure that your site will function properly on all devices you should build a responsive website. A responsive web site will pick up on the dimensions of the browser that a user is visiting from and format the site’s content to display properly on that device. Content Management Systems like WordPress and Wix, tools that we use here at Big Red Jelly, are excellent software for creating responsive web sites.

Website content such as images, videos and buttons can also be carefully selected for ease of use on mobile. Everything counts when designing for mobile. If a font is not legible on a mobile device, we can implement another font to display when accessed via smartphone or tablet.

Need help getting started with Mobile Optimization?

Getting your website ready for mobile platforms can be tricky. Big Red Jelly has reliable techniques we use to develop websites to respond to whatever browser dimensions they will appear on. Mobile Optimization is among the many services we offer, but it’s value should not be underestimated.

Optimizing a website for mobile goes hand in hand with the rest of our marketing techniques, and is essential for the growth of your business. Contact our team to learn how your site could operate flawlessly on mobile platforms.

Why Mobile Optimization Matters

Accelerate the Growth of your Business

Expand your Reach

Watch your conversion rates grow as more mobile users flock to your website.


Responsive Web Design will pick up on browser size and display your website accordingly.


Google favors Mobile Optimized websites in search results.

Important Mobile Statistics


of Americans spend five to six hours on their phone each day.


of Web Designers believe that mobile hostile design is a top reason why users leave a site.


increase in conversion rates when you reduce your loading times by 0.1 seconds.

Why Thousands of Small Businesses Choose
Jelly Web Services

McCain Kennedy
SetFire Creative

Gail Owusu
Opoku Catering 

Michelle Johnston
Coach MJ

Naomi and Lyndsie are very professional, incredibly polite and very eager to get projects done correctly and on time. We couldn't be happier with their work.

Chris RavstenSmall Business Owner

The process was a great experience. Very efficient, responsive, and the site incorporates my expectations!

Dana BallAvanta Law

My wife, Guita and I had the pleasure of working with Chloe Hoye. She was super knowledgeable, very friendly and she did an awesome job designing our website. Chloe accommodated our schedule and gave great support even after our go live.

Jeff MorganEntrepreneur

Jelly Web Services is GREAT! The website they created was perfect! I cannot recommend them enough. Seriously, don't go anywhere else.

Rolando OrtegaSmall Business Owner

Chloe, Ben, and the whole team at Big Red Jelly is absolutely fantastic. We referred a lot of work to them before, but we’ve also used them for our own projects and I recommend them frequently.

Annie DavisMarketing Consultant

Great experience working with Connor on our website! Connor is professional, empathetic, capable and very patient. He had great vision and went above and beyond to implement it.

Kurt WilsonBusiness Consultant

Great team, great people, great production, and GREAT pricing!

Aaron WebberCEO, Madison Wall

Best team and wonderful environment! Can't say enough good things.

Samantha SmithCreative Designer

Highly recommend Jelly Web Services for hosting, web support and online strategy, extremely professional, highly responsive and flexible with pivoting direction.

Jim SaundersSmall Business Owner

This is my first time using Jelly Web Services and they did not disappoint. From start to finish they were awesome. Sara was very responsive, professional, and ultimately help me get setup online correctly.

Dillon EspinosaMarketing Consultant

Meet Your Web Design Team

Our Web Design—or ‘Build’— team, are a collection of industry experts. We specialize in UX/UI, web development, online tools integration and marketing automations. Whether you choose WordPress, Wix, or Shopify as a platform to build your site, we promise to build you a responsive site that you can be proud of. 

Your site is designed mobile-first, meaning the groundwork for continued mobile compatibility is laid from step one. This kind of strategic functionality, with powerful analytics and automation tools, rich content, and growth strategy sessions will accelerate your business sales. 

Award Winning

Advanced Web Design Solutions

The Advanced plan for Web Design is going to offer the widest range of services. This plan is ideal for medium to larger businesses looking for all the bells and whistles when it comes to online tools and mobile optimization.

The Advanced plan includes:

  • Subdomain Functions
  • End-to-end integrations
  • Mobile Specialization
  • Additional Draft Reviews
  • Custom Funnels/Lead Gen

If the Advanced Web Design plan has piqued your interest, contact our team to set up a plan that is right for you.

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Mobile Optimization FAQs

What is a responsive website?

Responsive websites are built to display your website as it was intended regardless of the size of the browser it is loaded in. Responsive websites are made with mobile in mind from the ground up.

How do you reduce loading times on mobile?

Mobile speeds can be improved in a variety of ways. For instance, images on a page can be duplicated in a smaller resolution. The smaller resolution image can then be directed to load when a mobile browser is detected. This method will allow your site to load quickly on mobile while still retaining high quality content on the desktop version.

Do I need a mobile app for my business?

Many experts believe that a mobile optimized website is just as good, or better, than creating a mobile app for your business. In fact, a large percentage of users prefer using a mobile website over downloading an app. Thus, it is very important to create a strong mobile website for these app-resistant users.

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