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Web Security

Enjoy peace of mind and protect your website from cybersecurity threats when you partner with us and gain access to industry leading cybersecurity software that is easy-to-use, affordable, and responsive.

Need web security support?

Do you lock your office door at the end of the day? If so, then why not lock and protect your website too? Out of all cyber attacks, 43% of them are aimed at small businesses, a majority of which cannot survive them. 

Thankfully, our team of US-based experts are ready, trained, and well-equipped with the best tools to keep cybercriminals out and customers in. So don’t waste another minute leaving the door open for a cybercriminal to attack your website, contact our team today to start defending your website.

Popular security add-ons

At Jelly Web Services we only use the best-of-the-best to safeguard your website because what is important to you is important to us. Our web security team has expert knowledge in programs like Jetpack, a security, performance, and growth platform specifically designed for WordPress sites. Jetpack services are automatically included when you select either our Standard, Pro, or Advanced Hosting packages. 

Another industry leading program available to you when you partner with Jelly Web Services is Sucuri, a cloud-based platform that fixes hacks and prevents future attacks in real time. With Sucuri you can take advantage of features like WAF protection, constant site monitoring, unlimited incident response, and boosted website performance speed

Find out if your website is secure and protected

As a small business you want to focus on improving sales and building your business — not stressing out over its website protection. That’s what we’re here for. Partner with Jelly Web Services and our team of experts will set up everything you need to defend your website so you can focus on the important stuff.

Don’t leave it to question on whether or not your business website is safe, secure, and protected. Rest easy and feel confident knowing your website is guarded against all DDOS attacks, malware, and cyber hacks when you partner with us.

Why Web Security Matters

Experience peace of mind by securing all your websites. Fix hacks and prevent future attacks. A cloud-based security platform for your website.


WordPress is a free and open-source content management system.

Endless Features

WordPress features include a plugin library and a template system, referred to within WordPress as Themes.


WordPress is used by over 43% of the top 10 million websites.


You can create any kind of website. No coding, manual or limits!

Important Website Security Statistics


average reported website speed increase.


of business executives plan to increase their budgets for cybersecurity in 2021.


of small businesses are unable to survive more than six months after a cyber-attack.

The internet is full of opportunities for small businesses but it can also attract online thieves. For that reason, it doesn't matter the size of the business. They all require security to bring peace of mind to every business owner.

Saul Rojas

How we help small businesses make their websites more secure

Here at Big Red Jelly, we specialize in helping small businesses grow and excel to new levels! We’re a strong believer in small businesses and what they bring to their industry, customers, and the economy. As a small business, we know how important revenue and scalability are which is why our services are optimized for those things.

Don’t let your business site be vulnerable to malware and hacks, learn how to protect it today! Our team of experts here at Jelly Web Services can help you get set up on the latest and best web security plug-ins and practices. Connect with our team today so you can start securing your business!

Why Thousands of Small Businesses Choose
Jelly Web Services

McCain Kennedy
SetFire Creative

Gail Owusu
Opoku Catering 

Michelle Johnston
Coach MJ

Naomi and Lyndsie are very professional, incredibly polite and very eager to get projects done correctly and on time. We couldn't be happier with their work.

Chris RavstenSmall Business Owner

The process was a great experience. Very efficient, responsive, and the site incorporates my expectations!

Dana BallAvanta Law

My wife, Guita and I had the pleasure of working with Chloe Hoye. She was super knowledgeable, very friendly and she did an awesome job designing our website. Chloe accommodated our schedule and gave great support even after our go live.

Jeff MorganEntrepreneur

Jelly Web Services is GREAT! The website they created was perfect! I cannot recommend them enough. Seriously, don't go anywhere else.

Rolando OrtegaSmall Business Owner

Chloe, Ben, and the whole team at Big Red Jelly is absolutely fantastic. We referred a lot of work to them before, but we’ve also used them for our own projects and I recommend them frequently.

Annie DavisMarketing Consultant

Great experience working with Connor on our website! Connor is professional, empathetic, capable and very patient. He had great vision and went above and beyond to implement it.

Kurt WilsonBusiness Consultant

Great team, great people, great production, and GREAT pricing!

Aaron WebberCEO, Madison Wall

Best team and wonderful environment! Can't say enough good things.

Samantha SmithCreative Designer

Highly recommend Jelly Web Services for hosting, web support and online strategy, extremely professional, highly responsive and flexible with pivoting direction.

Jim SaundersSmall Business Owner

This is my first time using Jelly Web Services and they did not disappoint. From start to finish they were awesome. Sara was very responsive, professional, and ultimately help me get setup online correctly.

Dillon EspinosaMarketing Consultant

Meet Your New Website Security Team

Our team of US-based experts here at Jelly Web Services utilize only top-of-the-line programs that allow us to give your website the ultimate protection. One malicious cyber attack can wipe out a small business. With cloud-based security platforms, we won’t let that happen. 

Not only will our advanced security programs guard your website against malware, cyber hacks, and DDOS attacks, but it will also improve your UX and performance web speed. Don’t let cyberattacks slow you down, talk with our team today and start securing your business.

Award Winning

Enterprise and Advanced Website Security Solutions

With our Standard, Pro, and Advanced Hosting services, you will receive automatic access to Jetpack, a powerful and elite web security platform designed specifically for WordPress sites. With Jetpack you can expect real-time backups, automated malware detection, and spam protection. 

The Enterprise plan for small businesses will provide tailored solutions for your individual needs. Become stress-free with cloud-based platforms that offer guaranteed malware removal, frequent account maintenance, SIEM/SOC integration, faster website performance, and a dedicated support team. Connect with one of our web security professionals today and be on your way to a highly protected business.

Based in the USA
World-Class Experience

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Web Security FAQs

Why should I worry about website security?

Without website security, you are leaving your site vulnerable to hacks and malicious malware. 43% of cyber attacks are aimed at small businesses as cybercriminals know those are the easiest targets because many do not protect their websites!

Why should I protect my data?

If you don’t protect your data, you are leaving it vulnerable to be stolen or held ransom by cybercriminals. Your site is your business. If you lock your home or business door — then you need to lock your website too!

Does Big Red Jelly offer any security tool for my website?

Yes! Through our hosting packages, if you select either our Standard, Pro, or Advanced hosting plans you will receive Jetpack Security, which is the best security tool in the industry. Have peace of mind your website is secure and protected when you use Jetpack Security on your website.

Does web security help with customer confidence?

Absolutely! If your site collects customers’ emails or information, you want to make sure that information is protected and won’t be leaked. Effective web security will protect your customers information, meaning your customer can trust your site to give their information too.

Does Big Red Jelly offer website backups?

Yes! If you sign up for ANY of our hosting plans or our Web Support and Strategy plan your site will receive daily website backups.

Secure and Protect Your Website Today!

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