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Improve your workplace productivity with Google Workspace. This suite of apps and cloud storage is the perfect collection of tools to improve the creation, collaboration, and communication of your team. Create customized business emails for all your employees, take advantage of automatic synchronization between apps, and reach new levels of efficiency when you sign-up for Google Workspace.

How Google Workspace Can Help You

Custom Email for Your Business

If you have ever wondered how you can get company emails with the business name in the domain (after the @), the answer is Google Workspace. You can create a business email for every employee, as well as emails for things like support. Having a business email will give your business of professional appearance and tell customers you’re the real deal.

24/7 Phone and Email Support

If you ever encounter technical difficulties or need assistance setting up your Google Workspace, you will have access to 24/7 phone and/or email support. With constant support, you never have to worry about your business falling behind due to technical delays.

Access to Google Productivity Apps

Through Google Workspace, you and your entire team can use its various apps such as Google Docs, Slides, Sheets, Calendar, Drive, Gmail, Meet, and more. When your entire team is able to access and operate the same apps and tools at the same time, productivity never has to come to a halt. With Google Workspace, everyone on your team will be able to schedule meetings, collaborate on documents or presentations, and meet through secure video chat.

Real-Time Collaboration

A huge advantage of using Google Workspace is the automatic synchronization between its various apps. If you receive a meeting invite through your business Gmail, it will automatically add it to your business Google calendar. This way you will never forget to add a meeting to your schedule. Or, if you and your team are collaborating on a presentation or document, you can all work on it simultaneously on your separate devices.

Need Email Support?

A huge benefit to creating a business account with Google Workspace is being able to create an email address with your company’s name in the domain for each of your employees. A business email will add a level of professionalism to your company and tell your customers you can be trusted. If you’re interested in building customer support, reach out to our team today.

Need Help Getting Started?

Getting started with a platform you have never used before can be frustrating — that’s why we’re here. Our Jelly Web Services team can help you set up your Google Workspace business account and teach you how to use it. With real-time collaboration that’s built for cloud, your entire team can work collectively and faster with automatic updates across all of the Google Workspace apps. Elevate your business to a higher level of efficiency and contact our team today.

Why Google Workspace?

Productivity like never before.

Unlimited Storage

Depending on your plan

Custom Email

A business email for all your employees

Access to Google Apps

The best, most efficient collaboration tools

Google Workspace Statistics


Of businesses use Google Workspace


Million businesses use Google Workspace


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Frequently asked questions

Why should my company have a business email?

Having company-specific emails adds a level of professionalism to your business that shows your customers your the real deal. Also, as your employees come and go, you can remove or add new accounts easily. Using Google Workspace will help your business reach new levels of productivity and efficiency.

Can a user have multiple email addresses?

Yes! A user can have up to 30 email aliases under their account. That way you can have emails such as support@yourbusiness, hello@yourbusiness, and more!

How do I purchase Google Workspace?

You can start the process of purchasing and setting up your Google Workspace by clicking here

Can Big Red Jelly help me get my business email set up?

Yes! Simply reach out to our team today to learn more about Google Workspace and receive assistance setting it up from one of our friendly team members. Schedule an appointment here

Workspace provides a point of professionalism that causes a quick shift in growth for many businesses. It establishes your business by giving them a proper business address, a digital team management suite tailored to businesses, and has been the backbone for every successful small business I have ever worked with.

PrestonDirector of Web Support and Strategy

How we help small businesses grow!

Our Big Red Jelly Web Support and Strategy team is experienced in Google Workspace and can help any business get started using it. Whether you have questions about the value it can provide to your company or need assistance getting set up, our team is here to help. 

Big Red Jelly runs on Google Workspace with its features and tools being at the core of running our operations. Google Workspace offers complete flexibility so business owners can customize it to fit their needs. So whether your business is small or large, you can use Google Workspace and see the benefits. Reach out to our team today to change the way you do business.

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