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How to Start Designing an Online Store

Get ready to thrive online


When it comes to designing and creating your online store, you have two options: you can either DIY (do it yourself) or hire an expert.

If feel confident in your ability to design, have some time to dedicate to creating, and want to fully customize your site down to the pixel, a WordPress site is calling your name. You get to design the site however you want, and we’ll take care of the rest for you (including hosting, maintenance and software updates).

Hire an Expert

Your other option is to hire a Big Red Jelly design expert. We’ll ask a few questions to understand what you want with your site, then you can leave it up to us to create the site of your dreams that also meets your needs. We will work together every step of the way to make sure your site looks even better than you’d ever hoped for.

Make it Secure

No matter who creates the online store (either you or a hired expert), we can assure you that your website will have everything it needs to be successful.

The free SSL checker and malware checker will keep both your site and your customer information safe and secure. The Secure padlock in browser will show your customers that they can trust your brand with their sensitive information, such as passwords and credit card numbers.

Now you are ready to sell!


What are my options for creating an ecommerce website?

You have two options to choose from:
1. You can make a website yourself with Website Builder or WordPress.
2. Or you can or hire a professional.
The do-it-yourself route is designed to be as simple as possible. But if you’d rather someone else create your site for you, we would be happy to help. We’ll set you up with a design expert that can build a basic site quickly and easily. It costs more, but it will save you time and effort. It may be worth your investment.

Which website creation tool should I choose?

You can choose between Website Builder and WordPress Hosting. We’ll remind you of the features of each tool:

Website Builder

  • Use this if you need a website created quickly and easily.
  • The modular editor in the tool lets you add entire sections to pages with a few clicks.
  • You don’t have to worry about design. Pre-built, industry-specific templates keep it looking professional.

WordPress Hosting

  • Use this if you need a highly customized site and enjoy the freedom to change every detail.
  • WordPress lets you take your website with you if you change hosting providers.
  • If you’re going to work with a designer, WordPress is an industry standard that most web professionals are familiar with.

How much does it cost to create a website myself with one of these site creation tools?

Both Website Builder and WordPress have various budget-friendly options designed to suite your needs.

More details on pricing:

View Website Builder Pricing & Plans
View WordPress Pricing & Plans

What if I want to create an advanced website myself?

If you’re eager to design a highly customized website, WordPress is the way to go. It lets you create an impressive website by using themes, inserting your own custom code and adding plugins developed by other users. It takes a little more time and skill, but it’s the world’s most popular site-building tool for a reason.

How long does it take to create my website?

With Website Builder, it can take as little as one hour to create a basic website. The more details and content you add, the more time it will take.

If you design and build your website using WordPress, the time it takes to complete it will depend on both your skill level and the features you add. You can opt for pre-built themes that will get your site up quickly, or you can spend more time customizing each and every aspect of your site. If you’re not familiar with WordPress, be prepared for a learning curve that may add a few extra hours to the process.

Can I transfer my site to another hosting provider in the future?

That depends on which tool you select to create your website with.

  • Website Builder does not allow you to take your website with you.
  • WordPress allows you to take your website files with you and install them on another hosting provider.

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