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If you’re like most website beginners, you do not have a full understanding of what an SSL Certificate is, how to obtain one, or why you need it. I’ll give you a hint– an SSL certificate could make or break the trust that customers have in your company. Sound important? Well, it is. 

What is an SSL Certificate?

SSL stands for secure socket layer. I know, that probably wasn’t very helpful. Let me explain further. SSL is a security protocol that secures data between two machines or computers. It certifies that the domain name and the organization identity match and are legitimate.

A more detailed answer is that SSL certificates are small data files that you download from a certificate authority and install to your website. These small data files digitally bind a cryptographic key to your webpage details. After installation, the little padlock icon on the left side of the URL bar is activated, https protocol is activated, and secure connection between web browsers and servers is established. This secure connection protects private information from hackers. 

SSL is the difference between a website with padlock vs. a “not secure” website. Which one would you trust with your information?

padlock, secure website, SSL certificatenot secure websiteHow to Obtain It:

To obtain your SSL Certificate, you must first apply for a certificate from a trusted certificate authority (CA). People’s devices have an internal list of trusted CA’s.  So if your certificate comes from some entity other than a trusted CA, the user will receive an untrusted error message and thus lose trust in your company. 

After you apply for a certificate, an investigation is conducted by a CA. They confirm that you are who you say you are, that your business does what it says it does, and that your website is legitimate.

After the investigation is completed, you will receive an SSL certificate. You can then download the certificate and install it into your web server which will change your website URL from HTTP to HTTPS, the S standing for secure. You will also get a little lock symbol on the left end of the search bar. Those little differences go a long way.


 Why You Need It:

From a user perspective, you may feel nervous to enter your username, password, mailing address, and credit card information on a website that you are unfamiliar with. Website security allows you to trust the organization and trust that they will keep all your personal information private and secure. 

From a business perspective, you want to provide your customers with that sense of security so that they continue to trust your company. Your SSL Certificate will prevent hackers from obtaining any sensitive information that your users enter into your site (such as their passwords or credit card number).

SSL Certificates:

    • Protect sensitive information
    • Keep data secure between machines, servers, or computers
    • Promote customer trust
    • Improve conversation rates


Trusting your organization is one of the most important assets you can obtain. Simply stated, if you want to be successful you need web security through an SSL certificate. SSL Certificates are critical for building trust among your users. Get started now by applying for an SSL certificate. 


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