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Support and Strategy includes minor edits, not complete page rebuilds

If you’re wondering what constitutes “minor edits,” you’ve come to the right place! Here are a list things that minor edits could include: 

  • Adjusting text or info
  • Adjusting images or videos that are already included in the original design
  • Adjusting colors or general styling
  • Editing contact info
  • Adding team members, bios, or portfolio pieces to features that already exist in original design
  • Contact form edits and assistance
  • Website backups
  • Header and sub header edits and design
  • Small branding changes

Here’s what’s not included as “minor edits:”

  • Designing or adding new custom pages to the website
  • Adding or designing custom new features to the website
  • Adding more than 5 blogs, team members, projects or content pieces to the website all at once
  • Advanced IT support
  • Integrating and/or working with any 3rd party software, CRM or plugin

If your edits fall under any one of these points, you would need to level up your Support and Strategy membership.

Visit HERE to learn more. Or, visit our HERE to level up your Digital Support and Strategy membership!

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