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Workspace Online Storage

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Store files, photos, video and documents in the cloud!

  • Peace of mind with data backup
  • Unlimited file sharing
  • Accessible via PC, Mac, Web or iPhone app
  • Easy file synchronization
  • And more!

The easy and safe way to store and back up your files

With Google Workspace, all your files are secure and accessible from anywhere that you have internet connection

The Secure Cloud

When your hard drive crashes or your spill coffee all over your computer, you can have peace of mind that all your files remain safe and accessible with 10 GB of secure online storage through Google Workspace.

Multiple Devices

Secure cloud storage makes your files, photos, and documents accessible via PC, Mac, Web or iPhone app. Mobile versions of Office apps are specifically designed to provide consistency across all your personal devices.

The mobile Office apps let you access, edit, share and store files on your iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows device just as easily as with the desktop versions.

Online Storage FAQs

What is the cloud?

Storing files in ‘the cloud’ means that your files are stored securely on the Internet — not on your hard drive. This allows you to access them anytime, anywhere, from almost any device connected to the Web.

When using ‘the cloud,’ you don’t need to buy any additional software and you’re not dependent on your computer alone to get work done. And because your documents are stored on secure servers, your documents and programs are safe and accessible from any web browser even after your hard drive crashes or you spill coffee on your computer.

What is Office for iPad?

Office for iPad consists of the full-featured, touch-friendly versions of the most prominent Office apps: Word, Excel and PowerPoint.  

Office for iPad is available with the Premium Security and Business Premium plans, which include a license that approves a single user to up to 5 iPads or Windows tablets, as well as up to 5 PCs or Macs.

What is Office Online?

Office Online includes versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote that are specifically made to use within a web browser. You can access Office Online from your cloud storage to create new files, add to existing files, share and collaborate online with clients or colleagues.

What is online document collaboration?

With our Online Essentials and Business Premium plans, documents created or stored in your OneDrive for Business cloud storage can be simultaneously edited with others inside or outside your company – meaning that anyone with a link to a document can make edits at the same time as you. You will always be on the same page with the latest version as you see each other’s edits as you go. No need to send the latest version of documents back and forth via email.

Will the Excel, PowerPoint and Word programs I already have installed on my computer work with my cloud storage and Office Online?

OneDrive for Business Premium cloud storage and Office Online operate best with the latest version of Microsoft.

With these versions of Office apps, you can select files stored in the cloud and edit them using your desktop applications instead of Office Online. Simply open the file you wish to edit, click ‘Edit in Word/Excel/PowerPoint’ and when you click ‘Save’ within those applications, your document will sync back to your storage.

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