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Why you need a domain name


Having a fully-owned and specific domain name looks more credible than a generic address and inspires confidence in your clients.


As long as you own a domain name, you can take it with you if you transfer web hosts or switch to an in-house server. Otherwise, you have to change your URL, which hurts your branding and search engine ranking.


Publishing through a free web-hosting site can make your URL unnecessarily long and complex. Using a concise, relevant name helps customers find you more easily online.


Matching your domain name to your company name makes it easier for clients to remember you and return to your site.

What is domain name registration

Domain name registration refers to the process of reserving a name on the internet for a given period of time. You can’t buy a name forever, but as long as you continue to renew that reservation, the domain name is yours!

Why we’re the best place to register your domain name

We Make It Easy

Our domain name search tool quickly gives you a variety of names to choose from, and our checkout process is simple and straightforward.

We’re Secure

We’ll redact your personal data in our WHOIS directory for free, and we provide additional security options at a discounted price.

We Give You Control

Once you’ve purchased your domain name, we let you manage your DNS records and set your email, FTP, sub-domains, and website location, all from one control panel.

How to choose the right domain?

A good domain name should be short and memorable. It’s also a good idea to avoid hyphens and double letters to make it easier to type. Most importantly, though, your name should be unique and relevant to your brand.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a domain?

Believe it or not, you’re probably already familiar with what a domain is. A website domain is very similar to how your home address works. It’s the URL you use to go browse some of your favorite website. An example would be this site, The sole purpose of a domain is to be your website’s address on the vast world of the internet.

Why is a domain so important?

The point of a domain name is to get you found on an internet that is overwhelmed with information and other websites. A domain is equivalent to a URL, or what people will type into the search bar to find your website. Think of the domain as your address. Web-surfers will arrive at your landing page when they type your domain to their search bar.

Domain names should be simple, explanatory, and easy to remember. More than likely, the domain name you choose will be the name of your company.

Why should Big Red Jelly Host My Domain?

Big Red Jelly offers domain hosting in our services. We provide fast and quality support for your website. If any issues arise on your website, we have web designers who specialize in organizing and managing your website so you don’t have to worry about it.

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